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This is A PICTURE COMMUNITY. Not a rating community
♥ Welcome, this is a Closed community for Women who are pregnant or who have children and would like to post Pictures Of their children, ultrasounds etc.
♥Our intentions are to keep this community “friends only” and to keep trolls and drama queens out in order to preserve the enjoyment of the picture sharing experience with out the worries of drama.
♥We would like to create a safe place for all members to make posts without fear that their pictures will be made fun of, stolen etc.
♥Approval upon joining is required

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♥ We would just like to ask for all members to keep their posts locked.
♥ All posts welcomed, but they must have at least one picture attached.
♥ Please post pictures and long posts behind an LJ cut. LJ cut information can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75.
♥ This one is just a suggestion, but if you post pictures of your little one, make the LJ cut your childs name so we know who we are looking at.
♥ Please try to keep images at a decent size. Not all members have High-speed connections.
♥ We allow promoting of other communities here. However if you promote a different community here, you must promote our community in a new Location.
♥ Please fill out the questionnaire below so that members will know a little about each other.
♥ Be respectful of each other. NO NAME CALLING. NO INSULTS.
♥IF you need to get in touch with either mod: email us at LiL_photosmods@yahoo.com.
♥If you are interested in helping maintain the community Please email us.

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Fathers name & age:
Baby’s Name & age:
Baby’s Birthday or Expected Due date:
Baby’s Name & age:
Baby’s nick name (if any):
Tell us some cute things about your child:
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Finally: Please post 2 or more picture's of your little one:

Anything else you’d like say:

Most of all, HAVE FUN! Its fun and exciting to share pictures of our little ones.

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